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Also of interest is the Ordonnanzhaus, one of Germany's oldest secular buildings dating back to the 13th-century. Gotthardt, dating from 1140, is the city's oldest church and is notable for its Late Gothic 15th-century nave and the unique Baroque crest on its tower. Although largely ruins, this 13th-century brick church includes a superb rose window over the north doorway and a slender tower from 1500.Notable features inside are the 13th-century bronze Romanesque font, a Late Gothic Triumphal Cross group from the 15th-century, a tapestry from 1463 depicting a unicorn hunt, a Renaissance altar from 1559, and 16th- and 18th-century epitaphs. The Archaeological Museum offers a look into more than 50,000 years of history in the state of Brandenburg.The city also makes an excellent place from which to explore some of central Germany's most beautiful scenery, including some 3,500 lakes and more than 6,700 kilometers of waterways.On the Dominsel - Cathedral Island - and dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul, Brandenburg Cathedral was built in 1165.Projecting from the Marienberg, Brandenburg an der Havel's highest point, like a huge metallic popsicle, the 32.5-meter-high Friedenswarte offers superb views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

The town remained German only until 983, when a Slavic rebellion was successful.The building itself, a restored medieval Dominican Friary (Paulikloster) built in 1286, is itself of historical interest.Split between two locations, the main exhibits of the Brandenburg an der Havel City Museum are found in the Frey-Haus, a lovely Baroque building constructed in 1723 with a fine staircase hall.An Early Gothic basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the church was begun in 1190 and consecrated in 1262 and is one of the earliest and most important examples of North German brick-built architecture.Highlights of a visit include the monks' cells, the royal lodgings, the granary, the falconer's house, and the abbey walls with its triple-arched gatehouse.

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