I am dating a shy girl siwon and tiffany dating

But by placing these characteristics in the forefront of what’s important to us as a society, we put a great deal of pressure on introverts to adopt those traits.

We assume that all introverts are shy and lack charisma, because they don’t seek out the spotlight like extroverts.

Rather than floating around with a crowd, I liked to read and spend time in my room.

She knew early on what it has taken me quite a while to accept: I am, without a doubt, an introvert.

Yet introverts can become open and social in certain situations.

[Read: The introvert’s foolproof guide to dating an extrovert] Introverts have many excellent qualities that extroverts lack, because of their always-out-there personality.

When I was growing up, my mom quickly realized that I wasn’t going to follow in my outgoing sister’s footsteps.

Instead, she described me as an old soul, a kid that liked to be alone, and spoke up only when there was something important to say.

#1 Introverts take time to develop deeper relationships.

Extroverts tend to surround themselves with a larger group of people, whereas introverts usually run in smaller circles.

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