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With your children’s best interests in mind, it may help the situation if you are cordial with him.

You don’t have to crack jokes with him, but simply leaving the animosity behind may help the situation.

Now how you know a relationship is really, truly over.

Whenever you ask newly single friends when they and their exes broke up, it's normal to hear them chuckle and say "officially or unofficially?

Most of all, we perpetuate this constant state of questioning ourselves and not knowing where we stand because we're too afraid to confront anyone about our feelings.

And in a world in which we never know when things start, it makes sense that we never really know when they end, either -- except, well, if our ex starts dating someone else.

If you share custody of your children, you’ll need to focus on what’s best for them.

In dealing with your ex-wife, you are often told to avoid negative talk or interactions in the presence of your children.

However, if you believe your ex-wife’s new love interest is having a negative impact on your child’s life or poses a danger to your child, you may be able to request a change to your parenting agreement or child custody arrangement.It's not only unfair to you and your ex, but it's unfair to that new person to continue keeping, um, like you were before. You also don't want the new person getting suspicious of you, so you just act like another person your ex knows (even though this won't work because the new person has probably stalked you to death and knows everything about you anyway -- but that's another story).You wave from afar, minimize giggling and refrain from having casual texting conversations.During your post-breakup period, it was easy to push your limits with your ex, whether it was with those drunken hookups, calling him or her late at night "just to talk," laughing together at parties or joking about the silly or embarrassing things that happened in your relationship.When your ex starts seeing someone else, however, you know it's time to back off.

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