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A practitioner of tea was most probably also a follower of ikebana.century for its freedom of line and natural beauty.So, while these two branches both started in the Higashiyama period, rikka better represents the taste of that time, and nageirebana more reflects the taste of the Momoyama period.century under the influence of Buddhist teamasters and has grown over the centuries, with over 1,000 different schools in Japan and abroad.

Together they form the basis for the original purely Japanese derivation of the practice of ikebana.The set of three ceremonial objects at the Buddhist altar called mitsugusoku consisted of candles lit in holders, a censer, and flowers in a vase.The flowers in the vase were arranged in the earliest style called tatebana or tatehana (立花, "standing flowers"), and were composed of shin (motoki) and shitakusa.Plants play an important role in the native Shinto religion.Yorishiro are objects that divine spirits are summoned to.

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